6 Top Reasons Learning English Makes You A Happier Person

Some people say happiness cannot be defined by another person; you need to define it for yourself. Precisely, I’ve encountered many people expressing their “happiness” for having known a foreign language and being enabled to do so many things alongside.

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Putting their comments and mine, I can think of 6 TOP REASONS why learning a new language makes anyone a happier person.

1 — An Avenue for Growth

What you do not understand, you tend to fear and so, you slip down into a hole of ignorance, trusting no one. In the same way, if you misunderstand another culture, how can you find out about a new way to learn? Language is the best way to know about the merging of cultures. If you can open your eyes to the wealth of learning through language, you can grow by increasing your perception of people.

Growing is good. Learning a second language “stretches” you in a way no exercise can. Growing may be painful but the end gain is worth the effort — happiness for those who are no longer misunderstood. Does that not make you happier, too?

2 — Meet New Friends

Not all want friends or additional ones but for those who need to travel to other countries for business or study, they find that learning the language of that country bridges the gap more than any external structure can.

When you speak the local dialect of a place, they feel you’re one of them. You are welcomed in their homes and treated with respect. In the same manner, if two people can converse in a universal language, they can connect and be like friends who have not met in a very long time.

Surely being understood when you need directions or any form of assistance makes you a happier person.

3 — Understand Information Better

Information literacy is important for today’s learners. Language is its magic key. It promotes problem-solving approaches and thinking skills. All must be encouraged to ask questions and seek answers, find information, form opinions, evaluate sources and make decisions.

We are on the edge of having more successful learners, effective contributors, confident individuals, and responsible citizens and we will succeed with more understanding.

4 — Get Better Global Opportunities

The internet is such a vast world of new information but you cannot absorb the worldwide information which might be crucial to your career or professional growth if you cannot fully understand and interpret correctly the available information.

With your language skills, you can access more job opportunities, and gain rewards for knowing another language proficiently.

5 — Enter a Different World

No man is an island. Shared language refers to people developing an understanding among themselves based on language (e.g. spoken, text) to help them communicate more effectively.

The key to understanding language is to first notice and be mindful of your language. Then as you get to know more, you enter a “different world”, an exciting moment of discovery fills you every time.

6 — Claim Your Happiness

Now that we are at the end of a short tour of how language will make you a happier person, I exhort you to proceed with the adventure of being happier with learning a new language, English to be sure, as it’s the language that can open more doors for opportunities for your happiness.

The bottom line is: Liking what you do is happiness. What can make you happier?

Written by Doris Cornago

Doris dedicates her time to screening ICOs for ICOBench and handling investor relations. Taking a break from routine financial reports, Doris delights in writing for poemhunter.com, ghostwriting paranormal romance, and crafting essays on everything wise and wonderful under the sun.

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