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Nov 13, 2020


You most likely know how to say these sounds: ‘m’ ‘p’, ‘s’ and ‘d’. However do you know how to say them when they are together? For example have you ever had to say a word like ‘glimpsed’

There are FOUR consonants in a row at the end of this word, ‘ mpsd ‘. The ‘e’ is not a vowel. Even though ‘glimpsed’ has seven sounds in it, it is only ONE syllable!

Here are some common consonant clusters and examples:

You need to know that when you are saying words with consonant clusters in them it is very important that you say all the consonants as one syllable. A mistake often made by Asian speakers among others is to put them into extra syllables. For example:

This does not sound correct.

Finally here is an exercise to let you know when you have really mastered this. Try saying the following:
'The sixth twisty crisp'

Written by Hitchhiker

Francis West is a developer and he started programming when he was six years old. His first business model was learning platform. Hitchhiker is the original founder of English Forums (now English Forward) that was acquired by Mitch Rankin, CEO of English Forward.