DepEd expects October 5 as the final schedule for the reopening of schools in the PH

As the days draw near, the Department of Education hopes that this coming October 5 will be the final schedule for the reopening of schools in the PH, no more delays or postponement.

Final schedule for the reopening of schools in the PH

The Department of Education, under the management of Secretary Leonor Briones, is optimistic that the final schedule for the reopening of schools on October 5 is good to go. Briones acknowledges the extended effort handed out by education officials, DepEd staff, and school teachers, in making sure that by the expected reopening date, everyone is already well-prepared.

Originally, schools were supposed to reopen last August 24. Apparently, preparations were unsatisfactory at that moment, the department was not confident that the program would be successful during that time. However, the delay must not be pushed further as it will create a negative ripple in the education system in the country.

Furthermore, the department is extremely confident that this planned final schedule for the reopening of schools will not be rectified and moved to another date.

Preparations for the reopening of schools

The DepEd is confident that with its current level of preparedness, it can facilitate the reopening of schools with ease and lesser complications. Through the weeks after the extension of the reopening of schools, the department has intensified its preparations for the blended learning program for the school year 2020–2021.

Training programs for teachers were intensified for the past few weeks. A series of webinars were conducted to ensure that teachers are well informed on the processes inclined with the distance learning program.

Simulation for blended learning programs such as mass media broadcast has been improved to enable better visual content for its viewers. Issues about grammar and questionable contents were rectified accordingly.

Printing out of learning modules were also intensified, hoping to reach the needed output just before the opening of classes. This has been the priority of the department for the past few weeks as most of the students will clearly rely on these learning modules to push through with blended learning.

Written by Ken Vincent Rosales

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