English Forward Announces Partnership With Proofed

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English Forward, The Internet’s largest “learn English” community announces it’s partnership with Proofed, proofreading and editing services. The move incorporates the launch of a co-branded website on July 8th.

English Forward is a helpful English language resource for anyone who needs to improve their language skills.

Proofed’s editors are experts in all aspects of spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

So with the new partnership between English Forward and Proofed, we’ve made it easier than ever for English Forward users to get the help they’re looking for. As well as benefiting those seeking help with their English language skills, the move represents a great opportunity for both companies to grow naturally.

From July 1, 2019, users will be able to sign up and submit documents via the English Forward

– Powered By Proofed — site if they have writing that needs Proofreading or editing services. Users will be able to get up to two pages checked at no cost, thanks to Proofed’s free sample service.

English Forward CEO Mitch Rankin says, “We are always looking for tools that will improve the offering to our users in a relevant way, and with Proofed we are able to give them access to an expert editing service. At last count, monthly traffic and social followers numbered 1.35 million and almost 1 million respectively. Additionally, English Forward has over 17 years of history, served 290+ million unique visitors with 2 million questions and answers in our “learn English” Q&A site, and continues to be very relevant in the education space.”

For more information about English Forward and Proofed partnership, please get in touch at hello@englishforward.com.

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