New Logo and Branding

English Forward, the Internet’s largest learn English Q&A site, with over 250 million unique visitors, hundreds of thousands of registered members, and 2 million question and answer threads, has launched a new logo and brand strategy, marking the most significant change in its visual identity in 17 years.

Founded in 2002, English Forward is one of the most useful websites in the English language industry. On the eve of the company’s 17th anniversary, the refreshed logo pays homage to this heritage while pointing the way toward the next phase of the company’s evolution, one focused on accelerating the realisation of innovative, world-changing technologies and our purpose to “help the World learn English”.

We have refashioned the legacy English Forums logo, with the Forums changed to Forward, and incorporated the forward pointing arrow as a gesture of progress. The type is bold, yet simple and focuses on a non-fussy, clear message. Simple, definitive lines reflect our promise of progress. The orange signifies a bright, bold future for all.

The negative space encompasses the Mobile home icon, as we move increasingly more to Mobile first and celebrate that we are a family education platform for every member of your home.

The new logo has been rolled out across the English Forward digital properties around the world and is the first phase in a comprehensive re-design of English Forward that will make it easier for users to quickly find the solutions they need.

The Edtech industry is evolving rapidly with better tools, utilities, and methods allowing users to progress at a faster pace. As the need for English grows in commerce, study and research, we aim to provide a platform that people can use to embrace that process and move forward at a faster rate. We recognised that as market pressures have increased for English language learning, users need a much more comprehensive solution to link up with teachers, translators, and other English language professionals. This creates a need for a stronger customer experience and brand identity that reinforces an emphasis on collaboration, integration, motivation, simplicity, and progress.

Since acquiring the website in February 2018 we have been moving toward a specific focus on applications and solutions to address specific user needs, and we feel the new brand strategy reflects our evolution from a purely Q&A community website to incorporate a Peer to peer marketplace with a Blockchain application that will accelerate the progress of English learning over the coming years.

Why did we think Blockchain would serve our needs?

It immediately modernizes the company’s technology, allows for new avenues of content and creative tools implementation … while also enabling all contributors and volunteers to earn “crypto tokens” for their support.

Blockchain helps us achieve 3 goals:

1) Modernize the platform.

2) Increase the number of tools, activities, and content to provide a more comprehensive ecosystem for any “learn English” goals.

3) Implement a rewards mechanism for the many contributors, linguists, professors, tutors and volunteers who provide help to users visiting the site.

Our goal is to develop into a platform that can positively impact 1 Billion people over the next 10 years with the English language.

Currently, 1 in 5 (20%) of the world’s population can speak or understand English. Imagine how much more we can achieve as humanity if we could make that 2 out of 5 — another 1 Billion people that can suddenly collaborate, innovate, learn, research and achieve together. How much quicker could we find solutions to the grand challenges that face humanity (poverty, education, illiteracy, energy etc) if we could communicate more effectively?

English is one of the cornerstones of communication. And this is a task for humanity.

To achieve that we need your help and the help of the English community at large — if you are a teacher, linguist, professor, learner, English enthusiast or anyone else in the English language space, you can be part of this project.

How can you get involved?

Visit the website, and register as a contributor and post or answer a question. Engage on our social channels, help someone else improve their English and you will be contributing to a valuable English resource for humanity.

Wondering what else English Forward is up to? Check out the English Forward channels:



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