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It started 17 years ago as a community for the “learn English” community, which grew into one of the tops visited and top respected website for individuals seeking to learn, improve, perfect or even teach, tutor and help others with their English.

EnglishForums.com developed past discussion forum and into the Internet’s largest learn English Q&A site, with over 250 million unique visitors, hundreds of thousands of registered members (registration was never required), and 2 million question+answer threads.

Even more importantly, it became a home for some of the most generous individuals who provided their support and time to beginners or individuals seeking professional help with their English — whether for academic pursuits, career or personal goals.

With our acquisition of EnglishForums.com in February 2018, we started looking at how to accomplish 3 primary goals:

  1. Modernize the platform, while still retaining its elegant simplicity.
  2. Increase the number of tools, activities, and content to provide a more comprehensive ecosystem for any “learn English” goals.
  3. How to implement a rewards mechanism for the many contributors, linguists, professors, tutors and volunteers who provide help to users visiting the site.

We wanted to retain the foundation but build upon it — to allow the platform and community to advance Forward, which, in turn, helps the individuals seeking help on the site to move their own English skills Forward.

A natural fit was found with blockchain.

While “blockchain” isn’t relevant for many industries or businesses, it is a perfect hand-in-glove solution to each of our goals.

It immediately modernizes the company’s technology, allows for new avenues of content and creative tools implementation … while also enabling all contributors and volunteers to earn “crypto tokens” for their support.

While still in its infancy, we’re now heavily underway with the rebrand, technology conversion, upgrade and relaunch of … the new … EnglishForward.com

Image for post
Image for post
the new EnglishForward.com — via blockchain — coming 2018

We’re working with our team and connecting with our moderators and top contributors as we push to build a platform that best serves not just those who come seeking help but those who provide their time and answers.

For that purpose, we also created a Facebook community that got more than 7K members. Come and join us there as well.

This is a first post to announce the new brand to our valued community …

As our story continues to unfold, we’ll be back with not just updates but to create dialogue and seek input as we invest the time and resources to build an overall modern — if not advanced — solution that can best support our global goal of improving communications through the power of English.

English Forward coming late 2018 …

EnglishForward.com — Company News and ICO Updates

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