What Do Property Investing and Education Have In Common? 250 Million People

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PRESS RELEASE — Max Property Group (MPG), a group of real estate professionals working to make property investing safer, cheaper and easier, signed a collaboration agreement with English Forward, a community in the English education space that is moving to use blockchain technology.

English Forward is committed to helping people access English education through its online community, language protocol, peer to peer marketplace, tutoring functionality and more, supported by its own token economy. CEO Mitch Rankin was motivated by the enormous amount of people who do not have access to primary education and built an open resource for those seeking to educate themselves, in the English language. The platform, which is supported by blockchain technology, has since gained global traction and served 250 million users worldwide.

“Do you think about the 72 Million children out there who cannot access educational institutions because of financial incapacity?” asks CEO of English Forward, Mitch Rankin

English Forward strives to be a resource for self improvement, both educationally and financially. The platform boasts features such as an English language jobs board, and now it can add high yield investing opportunities to the list. In a strategic partnership with Max Property Group, English Forward will be able to offer its millions of users access to high quality investment opportunities from within the platform. Teachers and students alike will be able to view and purchase investment products such as property funds, using English Forward tokens, through security token swaps.

The Max Property Group was founded by real estate professionals with decades of experience in the industry. Its brainchild, Max Crowdfund platform, makes traditional investments globally accessible and affordable. The companies aim to integrate their respective platforms to mutual benefit.

English Forward LTD is a Q&A and community website in the English education space, offering an English platform with all the features and functions needed to operate within the English language atmosphere and language protocol; incorporating a peer to peer marketplace, language school leads service, English language jobs board, tutoring functionality, and a token economy, all on a blockchain powered system.

Max Property Group offers a platform, Max Crowdfund, for affordable, high quality investment opportunities. Both English Forward and Max Property Group advocate decentralised systems for reforming traditional practices through blockchain technology. They both recognise that there is sufficient synergy between the companies to warrant a collaboration and cross-promotion of their respective businesses, one that will benefit both communities and be of mutual value as they grow in the blockchain space.

Source: https://www.cryptopolitan.com/what-do-property-investing-and-education-have-in-common-250-million-people/

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